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24 January 2017

NZ likely to be offered one-on-one trade deal with United States

US President Donald Trump has indicated that the 11 other countries of the TPP - including New Zealand - will be approached to negotiate a one on one deal with the United States. | Read more

23 January 2017

‘Plan B’ TPP on the cards - PM

A 'Plan B' Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement could still go ahead without the United States, Prime Minister Bill English says. | Read more

23 January 2017

Trump’s presidency likely to be bad for New Zealand trade

International Business Forum executive director Stephen Jacobi takes a look at what Donald Trump's presidency will mean for New Zealand. | Read more

21 January 2017

Fran O’Sullivan: Top dogs ‘kicking it with Kiwis’

Hollywood legend and Donald Trump supporter Jon Voight made a suitably late entrance to the NZ Embassy's Inauguration Gala in Washington DC this week. | Read more

21 January 2017

Trump takes charge: Sworn in as 45th president of the USA

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States at 6am Saturday (NZ time), taking the helm of a deeply divided nation and putting Republicans in control of the White House for the first time in eight years. | Read more

06 January 2017

US ambassador prepares to sign out

A profile of departing US ambassador to NZ Mark Gilbert. | Read more

20 November 2016

International navy flotilla welcomed into Wellington Harbour

The waters off Wellington are swarming with navy vessels on Sunday morning as ships from the combined local and international naval task group that had been evacuating quake-hit Kaikoura residents anchored in the harbour. | Read more

19 November 2016

Earthquake: Warship USS Sampson’s crew helps Kaikoura recovery effort

America has come to Kaikoura - and they're lending a hand to quake-hit locals. | Read more

19 November 2016

Editorial: After three decades, it’s time to say welcome back America

Of all the remarkable images emerging from this testing week, the sight of a military flotilla standing off Kaikoura counts among the most extraordinary. | Read more

15 November 2016

Fleet of international warships to help out with earthquake response

A fleet of international warships is bypassing Auckland's historic naval celebrations and heading for Kaikoura to assist with the earthquake response. | Read more

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