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Rethinking China: A View from Washington

22 June 2018

There is to be a free public lecture in Wellington from 3.30-5pm on 29 June 2018 presented by Dr Kurt Campbell: former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, chairman and CEO of The Asia Group consultancy firm in Washington D.C.  

Dr Kurt Campbell argues that historic US policy approaches designed to mold China to its liking, have not delivered on expectations. In a 2018 paper co-authored with national security expert Ely Ratner, “The China Reckoning; How Beijing Defied American Expectations”, Campbell has sought to measure the success of multiple attempts by the US over the last 70 years to curb the perceived Chinese threat and develop economic openness and democratic values in the communist state. Campbell ultimately argues for a serious rethink of the way in which the US frames its relationship with China. 

Tickets are free but require registration.

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