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25 July 2018

US-NZ trade talks resume, progress on visa access

Bilateral relations between New Zealand and the United States have taken some cautious steps forward, with the resumption of a trade dialogue and business visa access for Kiwis moving closer to reality. | Read more

18 March 2018

Barack Obama set to meet Jacinda Ardern and John Key during his first visit to NZ

Ex-US president Barack Obama's first visit to New Zealand will include a meeting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, as well as past counterpart John Key. | Read more

09 March 2018

New Zealand welcomes US-North Korea talks

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says the New Zealand government welcomes the United States' willingness for talks with North Korea, and North Korea’s reported openness to discuss denuclearisation. | Read more

19 November 2017

US Ambassador Scott Brown on representing the US, Donald Trump, and life in NZ

Political reporter Joshua Miller visited New Zealand to find out more about Brown and his job down under. | Read more

28 June 2017

New US Ambassador tells New Zealanders to give Trump a chance

Scott Brown, the new US Ambassador handpicked by US President Donald Trump, says New Zealanders should give Trump a "fair go" before criticising him. | Read more

08 June 2017

Senate confirms Scott Brown as US ambassador to New Zealand

President Trump's pick to be ambassador to New Zealand was confirmed Thursday in a broad show of support by the Senate for a former colleague. | Read more

31 May 2017

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to visit New Zealand next week

The United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is jetting his way to New Zealand next week for an official visit. | Read more

18 May 2017

Trump’s pick for Ambassador to New Zealand talks of ‘unwavering’ friendship between two countries

New Zealand has been an "unwavering friend" to the United States, admired for its "fiercely independent" foreign policy, the US Foreign Relations Committee has been told by the man seeking to become Ambassador here. | Read more

18 April 2017

McCully to Honolulu to meet US military leaders

Foreign Minister Murray McCully will travel to Hawaii today to meet with senior figures in the United States Pacific Command. Mr McCully will also meet with members of Hawaii's political leadership, senior academics and opinion makers. | Read more

05 April 2017

Address to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs

Address by Murray McCully to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs reflecting on his time as Minister of Foreign Affairs. | Read more

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