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06 February 2017

PM says Trump civil, knows a lot about NZ

The Prime Minister says there were no fireworks when he took a phone call from US president Donald Trump, despite voicing his disagreement with Mr Trump's immigration policy. | Read more

23 January 2017

Trump’s presidency likely to be bad for New Zealand trade

International Business Forum executive director Stephen Jacobi takes a look at what Donald Trump's presidency will mean for New Zealand. | Read more

21 January 2017

Fran O’Sullivan: Top dogs ‘kicking it with Kiwis’

Hollywood legend and Donald Trump supporter Jon Voight made a suitably late entrance to the NZ Embassy's Inauguration Gala in Washington DC this week. | Read more

06 January 2017

US ambassador prepares to sign out

A profile of departing US ambassador to NZ Mark Gilbert. | Read more

11 November 2016

NZ and the US meet under Trump’s shadow

Donald Trump's astonishing election victory has provided a surreal context for John Kerry's current visit to New Zealand. | Read more

10 November 2016

Steady course predicted for NZ and US

New Zealand politicians are starting to ponder the implications of last night's Trump victory on New Zealand's relationship with the United States. | Read more

09 November 2016

PM congratulates Trump on election win

Prime Minister John Key tonight congratulated President-elect Donald Trump on his victory in the US Presidential election. | Read more

18 October 2016

US Navy ship cleared to visit New Zealand

United States Navy ship, the USS Sampson, has been given clearance to visit New Zealand next month by Prime Minister John Key. | Read more

27 July 2016

A thaw in the US-New Zealand nuclear freeze

Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Auckland represents an end to 30 years of security estrangement. | Read more

21 July 2016

Prime Minister welcomes US Navy decision

Prime Minister John Key says the United States has accepted an invitation to send a ship to attend the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary later this year. | Read more

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