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21 April 2016

US officials heading to New Zealand for TPPA trade deal talks

American officials are heading to New Zealand to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement trade deal, sparking fears from critics that they could strong-arm the Government into further concessions. | Read more

12 April 2016

US agriculture groups urge Congress to pass TPP

Hundreds of agricultural groups in the United States have written to leaders in their government, urging the Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation to be passed during the current session of Congress. | Read more

02 February 2016

Business supports TPP

Business and export groups have written to the Prime Minister in support of the Trans Pacific Partnership. | Read more

06 October 2015

TPP deal gives limited win for NZ dairy, US gives way on drug patents

Twelve Pacific Rim nations have reached a deal on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership in the American city of Atlanta, ending more than five years of negotiations to create the largest trade and investment pact since the Uruguay Round of the GATT trade agreement 20 years ago. | Read more

05 October 2015

Summary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Summary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement from the Office of the United States Trade Representative | Read more

03 July 2015

US economist says TPP deal concerns likely to be unfounded

Leading American trade economist Professor Peter Petri is optimistic that the Trans Pacific Partnership will turn out to be less damaging to Pharmac than people fear | Read more

02 July 2015

TPP too big to fail, says visiting US trade deal specialist Petri

Too much political capital has been invested in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal for it to fail at the final hurdle, says Peter Petri, a professor of international finance at Brandeis University and co-author of a study on the economic benefits of the TPP. | Read more

02 July 2015

TPP will add two per cent to NZ economy - US economist

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) should add about 2 per cent a year to the New Zealand economy, according to a United States economist. | Read more

25 June 2015

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership is within grasp of becoming reality

Just when you thought it was safe to declare victory over the forces of US corporatism and neo-liberal globalist power, back to life came the Trans-Pacific Partnership. | Read more

20 June 2015

Groser pointman at key time in world trade

Trade Minister Tim Groser has long been tipped by Wellington's euphemistically labelled "beltway" to be New Zealand's next ambassador to Washington. | Read more

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