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22 July 2013

Network to help Kiwi start-ups prosper globally

Adventure Wellington co-founder, entrepreneur and connector of people, Linc Gasking's latest venture, Free Range Farm, aims to support 1000 New Zealand start-ups to global expansion. | Read more

22 May 2013

Gallagher Group joins NZ push to boost US earnings

Gallagher Group and other business heavyweights have made the trek to Washington, DC, this week with hopes of boosting trade across the Pacific. | Read more

03 March 2013

Economy fears over US spending cuts

The New Zealand United States Council says it's too early to tell exactly how steep US spending cuts will affect this country | Read more

13 November 2012

Top tips for doing business

Fortunes can be made in the United States. After all, it is the richest country in the world with scores of millionaires and billionaires and a highly competitive, sophisticated and lucrative consumer market. But its business landscape is also littered with failures. | Read more

03 September 2012

Major US carpet retailer to stock NZ wool carpets

Elders Rural Holdings says there's been a significant breakthrough in efforts to boost the sale of New Zealand-made wool carpets in the United States. | Read more

31 July 2012

Security trumps everything in US

Mike Moore, New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States, often says that in the US, “security trumps everything.” Translation for Kiwi companies: keeping Americans safe offers our NZ companies an opportunity. | Read more

26 June 2012

Small Business: Ben Anderson - taking your business to the US

Ben Anderson, chair NZTE Beachhead USA, on how to take your business to the United States. | Read more

02 May 2012

Kiwi to head US software giant

Business software giant SAP has appointed New Zealander Geraldine McBride as president of its North American business, responsible for its operations in the United States and Canada, where it employs 12,500 staff. | Read more

08 April 2012

How Kiwi companies can tell their stories in the U.S.

New Zealand businesses have what it takes to succeed in the U.S. They’re determined, efficient, creative and second to none in innovation. What they often lack, however, is the knack for self-promotion - a skill that makes all the difference when it comes to winning in this competitive marketplace. | Read more

05 December 2011

Wineries unite to crack US market

Five wineries have joined forces to target the United States market, with plans for exports to hit nearly one million bottles within five years. | Read more

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