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30 December 2017

NZ navy officer looking forward to breaking the ice

A New Zealand Navy officer has leapt to attention at the chance to sail with the USA to Antarctica. | Read more

29 December 2017

US ice-cutting ship Polar Star helps out in Christchurch en route to Antarctica

A United States Coast Guard ship has arrived in Christchurch, on its way to complete an ice-cutting mission in Antarctica. | Read more

03 October 2017

Prime Minister offers condolences to U.S.

Prime Minister Bill English has offered his condolences to the people of the United States in the wake of the mass shooting which took place in Las Vegas overnight. | Read more

02 October 2017

US warns of North Korean missile impact on NZ

New Zealand's more than 10,000 kilometres away from North Korea's missile tests but the United States says that distance doesn't mean we're immune from the affects of an attack. | Read more

25 June 2017

New US ambassador Scott Brown arrives in NZ, starts ticking off bucket list

The US ambassador to New Zealand has already ticked an item off his bucket list - on his first day in the country. | Read more

24 May 2017

Saving lives from the sea and the sky: Dramatic multi-national Coastguard demonstration

Something special unfolded in the skies over Auckland today, and it was all in the aid of saving lives. | Read more

24 May 2017

US Coastguard involved in dramatic mock search and rescue operation on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf

New Zealand is hosting a 26 nation Pacific search and rescue conference, aimed at improving operations in the region. | Read more

25 April 2017

US Secretary of State inspired by ANZAC courage

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sent Australia and New Zealand America's best thoughts, prayers and wishes for Anzac Day. | Read more

25 April 2017

Fran O’Sullivan: Brownlee understands the Trump talk

Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee has one important attribute that most foreign affairs mandarins lack. He gets the Donald Trump phenomenon. | Read more

20 November 2016

International navy flotilla welcomed into Wellington Harbour

The waters off Wellington are swarming with navy vessels on Sunday morning as ships from the combined local and international naval task group that had been evacuating quake-hit Kaikoura residents anchored in the harbour. | Read more

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