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24 May 2017

US Coastguard involved in dramatic mock search and rescue operation on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf

New Zealand is hosting a 26 nation Pacific search and rescue conference, aimed at improving operations in the region. | Read more

25 April 2017

US Secretary of State inspired by ANZAC courage

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sent Australia and New Zealand America's best thoughts, prayers and wishes for Anzac Day. | Read more

25 April 2017

Fran O’Sullivan: Brownlee understands the Trump talk

Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee has one important attribute that most foreign affairs mandarins lack. He gets the Donald Trump phenomenon. | Read more

20 November 2016

International navy flotilla welcomed into Wellington Harbour

The waters off Wellington are swarming with navy vessels on Sunday morning as ships from the combined local and international naval task group that had been evacuating quake-hit Kaikoura residents anchored in the harbour. | Read more

19 November 2016

Earthquake: Warship USS Sampson’s crew helps Kaikoura recovery effort

America has come to Kaikoura - and they're lending a hand to quake-hit locals. | Read more

19 November 2016

Editorial: After three decades, it’s time to say welcome back America

Of all the remarkable images emerging from this testing week, the sight of a military flotilla standing off Kaikoura counts among the most extraordinary. | Read more

15 November 2016

Fleet of international warships to help out with earthquake response

A fleet of international warships is bypassing Auckland's historic naval celebrations and heading for Kaikoura to assist with the earthquake response. | Read more

11 November 2016

Dr Stephen Hoadley: US warship visit triumph of pragmatism

A week from today a US Navy ship will enter Auckland's Waitemata Harbour for the first time in 33 years. | Read more

17 October 2016

US Elections: How do they work?

A 5 minute video guide to the US political system explaining how elections work in the USA. | Read more

03 September 2016

US universities on look out for athletes

United States universities are on the look-out for promising athletes to take up scholarships to attend college. | Read more

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