About the New Zealand United States Council

The New Zealand United States Council was established in 2001. It is a non partisan organisation, funded by business and the Government, and committed to fostering and developing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between New Zealand and the United States.

The strong friendship that exists between New Zealand and the United States has been built up over many years and reflects common interests and shared values. In today's significantly less stable global environment it is important that the relationship between New Zealand and the United States encompasses the broadest possible engagement.

Government to government contacts between the two countries remain essential and strong business to business links with the world's largest economy are vital to New Zealand’s future prosperity and economic development.

The NZ US Council stands as a credible, non-governmental voice in this relationship.  It has developed excellent networks and initiatives to expand and enhance New Zealand's relationship with the United States. The Council’s supporters and sponsors include some of New Zealand's largest companies covering the primary, manufacturing, finance, travel, new technology and services sectors.

The Council works closely with its counterpart in Washington DC, the US NZ Council, with other business groups in New Zealand and with government agencies, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the New Zealand Embassy in Washington.

The Council is governed by a Board of directors chaired by the Simon Power.  The Council’s Executive Director is Fiona Cooper Clarke.  An Advisory Board provides advice and support to the Board. The Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides administrative support to the Council.


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