Mark Jeffries

Mark was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Meat New Zealand in April 2003.  Since his appointment in 2003, Mark has successful steered the organisation through a period of change, beginning with the Farmers Choice Referendum in August 2003. The referendum resulted in the formation of a new industry-good organisation -Meat & Wool New Zealand.  Mark became CEO of Meat & Wool New Zealand when it commenced operating in July 2004.

Prior to this appointment, Mark was Livestock Improvement Corporation's Group General Manager . From  1987 to 1997 Mark was employed by the Australian Dairy Farmers' Federation as Executive Officer for the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme. In 1997 Mark worked with LIC as Animal Evaluation Executive Manager. In December 1999 Mark was promoted to General Manager, Information Division, and in 2001 Mark's responsibilities were extended to include the LIC Computer Services Group, and FarmWise Consultants.

Educational Qualifications
La Trobe University (Melbourne) - An Honours Degree in Agricultural Science.