Delegation lists for the US NZ Partnership Forum 2007

New Zealand Delegation List
1.    Rt Hon James Bolger ONZ, Chairman, NZ US Council (Co-Chair)
2.    Rt Hon Mike Moore  ONZ (Co-Chair)
3.    Hon Phil Goff, Minister of Trade, Minister of Defence
4.    HE Roy Ferguson, New Zealand Ambassador to Washington
5.    Tim Aitken, Chief Executive, Greenlea Premier Meats
6.    John Allen, Chief Executive, NZ Post
7.    Gerry Brownlee MP, Chairman, New Zealand National Party
8.    John Cobb, Co Head, Goldman Sachs JB Were
9.    Stephen Collins, President, Business New Zealand
10.  Martyn Dunne, Comptroller and Chief Executive, NZ Customs Service
11.   Don Elder, Chief Executive, Solid Energy
12.   Bill Falconer, Chairman, NZ Meat Industry Association
13.   Robert Falvey, Partner, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
14.   Andrew Ferrier, Chief Executive, Fonterra Co-operative Group
15.   Charles Finny, Chief Executive, Wellington Regional Chamber of
         Commerce and Industry
16.   Mark Fitz-Gerald, Chief Executive, Citigroup
17.   Rob Fyfe, Chief Executive, Air New Zealand
18.   Tim Gibson, Chief Executive, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
19.   Philip Gregan, Chief Executive, NZ Winegrowers
20.   Steve Griffin, Client Industry Executive, EDS New Zealand
21.    Tim Groser MP, New Zealand National Party
22.   Graeme Harrison, Chairman, Anzco Foods
23.   Mike Hearn, Executive Director, American Chamber of
         Commerce in New Zealand
24.   George Hickton, Chief Executive, Tourism New Zealand
25.   Darren Hughes MP, Labour Party
26.   Mark Jeffries, Chief Executive, Meat and Wool New Zealand
27.   Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, NZ US Council
28.   Phil Lewin, Chief Executive, Positively Wellington Business
29.   Peter Lennox, General Manager, Americas, New Zealand Trade and 
30.   John Lindsay, Chairman, Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
31.   Nick Main, Chairman, Deloitte
32.   David Matthews, Director Government Affairs and Trade Strategy,
         General Counsel, Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd
33.   John McArthur, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
34.   John McKinnon, Secretary of Defence
35.   David McLean, Head, Institutional Banking, Westpac 
36.   Dennis McLean, former NZ Ambassador to Washington
37.   Hon Murray McCully MP, New Zealand National Party
38.   Simon Murdoch, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade
39.   Rick Osborne, General Manager, Government Relations and
          International Affairs,  Air New Zealand
40.   Fran O’Sullivan, Board member, NZ US Council
41.   Mike Petersen, Chairman, Meat and Wool New Zealand
42.   Wendy Pye, President, Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd
43.   Gabrielle Rush, Associate Director, NZ US Council
44.   Helen Robinson, Managing Director, Microsoft NZ Ltd
45.   Lees Seymour, Managing Director, Weyerhaeuser NZ
46.   David Skilling, Chief Executive, NZ Institute
47.   Suzanne Snively, Partner, PriceWaterhousecoopers
48.   Simon Tucker, Manager, Corporate Strategy, Fonterra Co-operative
         Group Ltd
49.   Ross Wilson, President, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 
50.   James Wallace, Chairman, Wallace Corporation
51.   John Wood, former NZ Ambassador to Washington
52.   Carl Worker, Director, Americas Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
          and Trade 

United States Delegation List

1.   Tom Vilsack, Of Counsel, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, (Co-Chair)
2.   Clayton Yeutter, Senior Advisor, Hogan and Hartson (Co-Chair)
3.   Rich Armitage, President, Armitage International                               
4.   Bob Bauerlein, Vice President, International Operations, Washington,
       D.C. Operations, The Boeing Company
5.   Fred Benson, Vice Chairman, United States – New Zealand Council
6.   Malcolm Binks, Chairman, American Australian Association
7.   Peggy Boeker, United States – New Zealand Advisory Board
8.   Myron Brilliant, Vice President, East Asia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
9.   Tom Camerlo, Chairman of the Board, Dairy Farmers of America
10. Kate Clemans, Director, C&M International
11.  Paul Cleveland, Chairman, United States-New Zealand Council
12.  Geoff Connor, Chairman, CACH Capital Management, LLC
13.  John Desrocher, US Consul General, Auckland
14.  Tom Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
15.  Cal Dooley, President & CEO, Grocery Manufacturers 
         Association/Food Products Association
16.  Linda Dooley, President, Bryce Harlow Foundation
17.  Mike Eckhart, President, American Council On Renewable Energy-
18.  Dan Evans, Former US Senator, Governor - Washington
19.  Davis Farmer, Chairman and CEO, MSM Protein Technologies        
20.  Ed Farrell, Partner, Blank Rome LLP
21.  Dr. Joseph Ha, Senior Advisor for Global Business, Nike Inc.
22.  Chris Hill, Asst. Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific 
23.  Dave Keegan, Deputy Chief of Mission, American Embassy Wellington
24.  Spencer Kim, Chairman, CBOL Corporation
25.  Simon Leeming, New Zealand Honorary Consul to New England,
         Senior Partner, Preti Flaherty Bellveau Pachios & Haley, LLC
26.  David Manke, Vice President, Government and International, United
         Technologies Corporation/Pratt & Whitney
27.  Anne Martindell, Chairman Emeritus, United States-New Zealand
28.  Bill McCormick, Ambassador, American Embassy Wellington
29.  Steve McGann, Director for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific,
        US Department of State
30.  John Mullen, President, United States – New Zealand Council
31.  Michael Mullen, Assistant Commissioner, Office of International 
        Affairs and Trade Relations, U.S. Customs & Border Protection
32.  Craig Neville-Manning, Director of Engineering, Google New York    
33.  Ian Philips, Manager and Executive Vice President, Americas,
        Commonwealth Bank of Australia
34.  Jeremy Quinn, Director of Operations, United States – New Zealand
35.  Roland Ramirez, International Sales Director – Asia Pacific, Boeing
36.  John Reid, President, American Friends of Maungatautari, Board,
        Center for Global Development, former CTO of Colgate Palmolive
37.  Mark Rey, Under Secretary for Natural Resources and
         Environment, United States Department of Agriculture
38.  Randy Schriver, Partner, Armitage International LLC   
39.  Hugh Stephens, Senior Vice President, International Relations &
         Public Policy (Asia-Pacific), Time Warner Inc.
40.  Bruce Stokes, International economics columnist, The National
41.  Chris Townsend, Australasia Regional President, AIG
42.  Rick Walker, Vice President, Government Relations and Trade, North
         America, Fonterra Cooperative Group    
43.  Peter Watson, CEO and President, Dwight Group      
44.  Billy Glover, Managing Director, Environmental Strategy, Boeing 
         Commercial Airplanes
45.  Dennis Wilder, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director
         for the East Asian Affairs, National Security Council
46.  Jim Kolbe, Senior Advisor, Kissinger McLarty Associates
47.  Kevin Mulvey, VP, AIG