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17 September 2012

Walking the talk in Vladivostok

Stephen Jacobi recounts what happened on and off stage at this year's APEC meeting in Russia. | Read more

08 September 2012

From Russia with love

Stephen Jacobi writes from the APEC meeting in Vladivostok | Read more

20 August 2012

The Trans Pacific Partnership - corporate dream or vehicle for growth

Remarks by Stephen Jacobi to the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Institute for International Affairs, Auckland | Read more

06 August 2012

Are trade agreements an appropriate vehicle for developing trade relationships in the 21st century?

Remarks to MBIE Tapping into Talent Seminar, Wellington, 6 August 2012 | Read more

12 June 2012

Realising the Trans Pacific Partnership

Presentation by Stephen Jacobi to the the Auckland Economic Forum, 12 June 2012.http://www.nzuscouncil.com/images/uploads/TPPpresentation.pdf | Read more

24 May 2012

Should lawyers fear TPP? Probably not, says Gary Judd QC

Gary Judd QC, Queen's Counsel, member NZ US Council Advisory Board responds to John Bowie's Briefcase column (NBR, May 11). | Read more

04 May 2012

TPP: Next steps - the role of the NZ US Council

Remarks by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, NZUS Council to the 10th Anniversary Conference | Read more

19 February 2012

Remembrance for Christchurch Cathedral

Address to Waiapu Cathedral, Napier, Art Deco Service | Read more

07 February 2012

Having our cake and eating it too makes sense

Having our cake and eating it too is a long-standing principle of New Zealand’s external economic policy. It makes sense for a small, distant trading nation to seek equality of access to global markets and to refrain from taking sides in others’ geo-political manoeuvrings. | Read more

03 February 2012

Submission to MFAT re expressions of interest from Japan, Canada and Mexico in the TPP

NZ US Council’s submission to MFAT on the admission of Japan,Canada and Mexico to the TPP negotiations. | Read more

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