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22 November 2011

Realising that trans Pacific opportunity

Article published in the Dominion Post, November 2011 | Read more

21 November 2011

Chairman’s report to the 2011 AGM

Chairman's report to the 2011 AGM | Read more

10 November 2011

TPP - A New Zealand business perspective

Remarks by Stephen Jacobi to TPP Seminar, APEC Honolulu, 10 November 2011 | Read more

02 November 2011

Realising the Trans Pacific opportunity - a look ahead to APEC Honolulu

Address by Stephen Jacobi to the Hawke's Bay branch of the NZ Institute for International Affairs. | Read more

10 September 2011

A New Zealand business vision for TPP

Remarks to TPP Stakeholder Forum, Chicago, 10 September 2011 by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, NZUS Council | Read more

07 September 2011

Trade negotiations must keep pace with the times

TPP negotiators meet in Chicago in early September. Stephen Jacobi explains why these negotiations remain important for New Zealand's economic future. | Read more

05 April 2011

Turning dreams into reality - New Zealand and the United States

Address by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, NZ US Council to the NZ/American Association, Wellington , Tuesday 5 April 2011 | Read more

01 March 2011

Spirit of Christchurch Partnership Forum lives on

Random acts of violence and destruction tend to shake our belief in the future. Two earthquakes, one more devastating and murderous than the other, a mine explosion, the senseless shooting of a Congresswoman, a hurricane, an oil spill, a tsunami - these catastrophic events cost us our loved ones and rattle the foundations of our belief and value system. | Read more

22 February 2011

Forum chance for real results from US partnership

Addressing both Houses of Congress in his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama urged his fellow Americans to seize the "Sputnik moment". | Read more

20 February 2011

Learn to love the diplomatic dance

When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited New Zealand in November she had a simple message: "Partnerships between countries do not build themselves." | Read more

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